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Yoga and Health benefits

Yoga and Health benefits

Yoga has been getting popular over past few decades among general public,celebrities and it is proven medically that yoga has multiple internal and external health benefits.People used to do yoga for meditation purposes as people used to assume that there is a deep connection between mind,body and spirit.Some particular body posture,meditation and breathing control exercises are the main essence of yoga.Some religions follow yoga activities as a religious rituals and they do it in large groups collectively.

A popular yogi “Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev” says that yoga is an expression of life”.

In this article you will get the complete knowledge and benefits of doing yoga in daily life.


Benefits of yoga

  • It maintains healthy weight
  • It increases body balance
  • It lowers blood sugar level in diabetic patients and lowers blood pressure as well
  • It Makes bones stronger
  • It relieves chronic back pain
  • It decreases the anxiety thus cure the depression and improves the brain function
  • It improves sexual functioning
  • It makes body posture more stable and increase the flexibility of joints
  • It increases the lungs functionality because of breathing exercises


Some more factual benefits of yoga which are associated with the internal health of body are the point of discussion now.


Yoga increase the blood circulation in the body.And it circulate the oxygen throughout the body in more efficient way,As better circulation of oxygen and nutrients in blood goes through the body it increases the cardiovascular activity and gives the ultimate skin glow.

     Yoga for internal Health


body of a beautiful girl in a meditation on the beach


  • Yoga has powers to calm down the body thus lower the body blood pressure.
  • Yoga has very amazing benefits for heart,lungs and stomach, as it stimulate the vital organs of body and increase its functionality.
  • Yoga increases the immunity in body as it has healing powers and these powers help in generating new cells and recovering the old cells of body.So it works with body’s auto immune system.
  • Yoga increases the metabolism and this metabolism increases the energy level in body.
  • Yoga works for body pain management function.It increases the tolerance for pain.
  • Yoga improves the sexual functionality as it give you boosts of energy and self confidence.and last but not the least yoga relax the mind and body by reducing stress and the person who do yoga on regular basis get a peaceful sleep.


     Yoga for External Health



People swear that yoga shows the very visible effects on body and skin.

  • Yoga helps to detox the body and makes it radical free and as a result body will not effect from premature aging due to stress and environmental factors.
  • Yoga improve your skill to keep your body in natural postures when your posture is right you will be more energetic,healthy looking and full of confident.
  • Yoga increase body strength and body balance.It increases the focus of mind as well.
  • Yoga increases the core strength and it helps to maintain weight in a healthy way.

    Yoga for Emotional well-Being



As i have written above that there is a deep connection between mind and body.Yoga help to maintain that connection and bond strongly.It plays a very positive role to buildup emotional health of any person in many different ways.

  • Yoga reduces stress and uplifts mood of body as it give relief to mind from all stress and anxiety and put it into calm so automatically causes calmness in mood.It helps a lot into stress management.Medical science has proven that meditation works wonder in treatment of depression.
  • Yoga improves moods and self confidence and it made the person realized his self awareness and self acceptance and as a result negative thoughts fades away.
  • Yoga on regular basis stabilize the hormones of body and in the nervous system and it turns the thoughts into a positive path and the person’s perspective of life changes dramatically in a good way.
  • Yoga increases the mind focus on things going in your surrounding and the person practicing it can catch the things going on before hand.Then the person starts getting things in the community in more positive way.It enhances the social skill and make you learn how to move in society.

I will bring more information regarding Yoga and Poses of Yoga in related articles.

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