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Winter Hair Care Routine

Winter Hair Care Routine

Every beauty conscious person is eager to know the secrets to enhance own beauty whether related to Skin, hair or Fitness.Hair is a most noticeable feature of body.This is an Era of style and fashion and people are exclusively into hair styling things.They tend to use a lot of hair cosmetics and styling products on daily basis.These styling products and straightening tools damage hair on long run.

The results of which are horrible.Heavy hair fall,itchy scalp,Dandruff become a major problem due to continues use of these things.There is a lot of research on hair related problems and their solutions.

Winter is most favorite time people love to spend with extra mugs of coffee and hot cocoa.Extra Caffeine means  extra dryness of skin.

Room heaters in winters are one of the reasons of dryness of skin and scalp thus causes dry scalp and itchiness.

Hot Showers drained the moisture from hair and scalp and causes dryness.

All these factors mentioned above drained out the moisture from hair and hair strands become brittle,dry, rough.This leads to breakage and split ends ultimately and hairs starts getting thin and frizzy.

Here i share some tips for hair care more specifically winter related problems.

Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil treatments once a week give a very good effect on scalp.It moisturize scalp thus fight with the dandruff flakes.

Best Oils scalp friendly are Olive oil,Almond oil,Coconut Oil,Castor Oil.

Olive oil is a very perfect ingredient to nourish scalp.It is very perfect treat for hair in winters.Olive oil maintains hair health as it moisturizes hair follicles.Apply warm olive oil before taking bath on hairs,Leave for 30 minutes at least.For extra good results add equal amount of coconut oil and almond oil.

Mild Shampoo

Use mild Shampoo for hair.Harsh shampoo drained away the important nutrients from hair.Try to use sulfate and parabens free shampoo.You will see some best natural alternates of shampoo in my other posts.


Conditioner should be a must after every session of shampoo.If you have static hair due to warm clothes like caps and hoodies you should go for stay in conditioner.


Hair Tools

Hair straightener and curling tools are hot that can damage the hair stands from inside.Apply some hair protecting serums before applying these tools.Many companies claim to give 100% protections.I personally found L’Oreal brand the best among all.You will see reviews and comparisons of different brands serums on my other post.

Hair dryer is a favorite styling tool for almost everyone.People love to do styling with blow dry technique.But using this on every other day is very harmful for hair.Once in a week is more then enough .The best way is air dry of hairs or if you have lack of time turn on cool settings of your dryer.

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