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Why to loose Muscles BUT not Fat?

Why to loose Muscles BUT not Fat?

Now a days everyone is concerned more about health and fitness.People are more oriented to gain knowledge with which they can stay fit.The main reason for putting this much effort to stay fit is the food we consume and the life style we follow.

Junk food is a worst choice one could ever have and every activity of daily routine is easily manageable while sitting on a couch,whether it is completing your task with the help of machines or doing shopping sitting in front of your computer screen.

And there comes a time when you suddenly wake up from a lazy dream and you gotta know that there is fat accumulated all over my body and i should do something to remove this fat as early as possible.In this haste you start following every ways and means to get desired results and then the results become undesirable when you see that i have flatten my  butt and the belly is hanging there which is of same size.This way you are loosing muscles instead of loosing fat.

Here are some common mistakes you r doing and loosing muscle instead of fats.

Set you Goals

First of all  set your goals that why you want to loose weight.By setting goals you will stay motivated and this motivation will keep moving you.Like,You want to loose because you are facing some health issues you want to improve your hormones role play,you want to lower your cholesterol level,there is an upcoming wedding and you wanna look fabulous in your favorite outfit. Whatever reason it would be just fix your goals and stay connected with it.

Calories Count and Protein Intake

Weight loss can’t be achieved over night.It takes time.By cutting healthy calories from your life you can’t get your desired results.By starving yourself and all you can get is sickness.In this way your muscles will start breaking and all you lose will be your muscles not fat.A person needs minimum 1200 calories/day

when you do workouts and do strength training,Protein is the one thing that plays a perfect role to build up your muscles.Protein boost your metabolism and burn fats.Protein shakes are recommended for the muscle regain when you r doing weight training.Consume more protein and less carbs.The best source of protein is Chicken,fish,eggs and lentils.

Cardio And Weight Training

Doing too much Cardio is a main reason to loose muscles.Overdoing of cardio can even lead to muscle injuries.A professional trainer is a best option who can guide you which is a right way for you.

Weight training without having good knowledge is harmful.Listen to your body.If a person is doing weight training by lifting 10 kg in one hand that doesn’t mean that you can do the same from start.Prepare your body gradually for weight training.It will grow stronger with the passage of time.

Pre and Post workout Meals

The most important thing when you are doing workout for weight loss,before and after snack is much important to avoid fatigue.Doing workout empty stomach could lead to breath shortness and even a heart arrest could occur.

Before long workout drink a lot of water and during session keep hydrating yourself.Protein smoothies,Nuts,dates can help you to makeup your energy.The best thing you can do is to drink a cup of black coffee without sugar ,add a teaspoon of extra virgin coconut oil in your coffee,before doing workout.You can have dates and nuts after workout follow by warm water.

Good Night Sleep

Weight loss struggle can go in vain if you don’t take proper sleep during night.Research says if you awake most of the time during night hours,your body chemical composition would be changed and it can harm the natural body mechanism.Thus body’s metabolism will get slower by time.Insomnia is a killer habit.Put your gadgets away from your bed before going to sleep.It can give you peace of mind.

Stay healthy ,adopt a healthy life style and stay tuned to get more updates about your healthy weight loss regime.

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