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Why Meesha Shafi Accused Ali Zafar?????

Why Meesha Shafi Accused Ali Zafar?????

A hot controversy is on high trend these days.The story begins when Meesha Shafi a Female Pakistani Singer tweeted and accused on one of world renowned male singer Ali Zafar  for sexual harassment. She Tweeted on Twitter by referring  #Metoo global campaign which is in favor of sexually assaulted persons to speak up and tell the world what happened and who is culprit.

Everyone was shocked why a celebrity would accused another celebrity in this way.And as ever happens,A bombardment of public opinions and judgments had started.Like

Is it  a publicity Stunt from Meesha shafi?

Is it  professionall jealousy?

Does she want to defame him?

Well! everyone gave his own point of view.Some people were supporting Meesha to not step back and some people are provoking Ali Zafar to take this matter to Court.Then Ali Zafar came to defend himself.


A producer from a private channel added that Meesha and Ali Zafar were doing a judgment of a musical show and Ali zafar was being paid higher then that of Meesha and Meesha was annoyed over this matter and then she left the show just after 8 episodes.

Nobody knows which side of story is true.People are speculating so many things.What if Meesha proved her allegation is right and what if Ali Zafar proved himself innocent.This “what if” is still a mystery.Let’s see how this matter will get solved.

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