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White glow Facial at Home

White glow Facial at Home

Its a high time of year when your skin needs to get nourishment and you have to pampered it to avoid damages due to harshness of weather conditions.Increase in temperature day by day,environmental pollution,daily exposure to sun rays creates a special need to treat the facial skin for a beautiful glow.And if the skin is already in trouble due to exposure of environmental factors,then you may not require to use more harsh chemical products for skin.

I always prefer herbal products and i love to stay close to nature.That’s why i always keep looking for products made up of natural ingredients.

while searching for some natural products i saw a page claiming herbal products,I immediately ordered their hair oil and hair food mask.And what i found after use were incredible results.

Well Hair food finished in a month and cost me around 1500,i feel this is bit expensive but that was good actually.Hair oil was more in quantity and i’m using the same bottle since months.The smell of oil is little bitter and i can feel the smell of some natural ingredients we use in kitchen like strong smell of  fenugreek seeds.

This is a protein hair food which have to apply after wash for good five minutes and then wash it off thoroughly.


Here comes the actual story of skin glow.They sent me a very tiny packing of Facial glow kit as a trial for absolutely free.It was like “miniature glow kit”This is what i got as a free sample without asking for even.

The funny fact is that i forgot for months where i put this mini pack of glow because my skin rarely needed such kinda treatment.Then one day i feel like i must try this.Because my skin suddenly started to show annoying dryness,patches,dullness,pigmentation,and few acne as a result of trying some new products on my skin.I was very unsure how this little pack will solve my issue.And when i did apply these products according to the instructions given.I got instant smooth super shiny glowing skin.

Steps to apply these wonderful products

Step #1

Sandal Orange face wash

Wash your face with this superb face wash,massage gently and rinse with Luke warm water.This give instant clear skin.


Step #2

Green Apple Cleanser

Take approx. 1 TBS from the bottle & apply on face & neck,massage well for 5-10 minutes,wipe off with wet cotton or facial sponge.


Step #3

Sandal Orange Scrub

Mix the scrub in the remaining cleanser & apply on face and neck.Keep for approx. 3-5 min& with wet hands massage gently for 5-8 min.Rinse well with water.And the it smells amazing.


Step #4

Make Papaya Glow pack/ Neem glow pack,by mixing a suitable quantity of Rose Petal Extract so that you get a smooth gently for 5-10 min,with wet hands massage gently for 5-8 min.Rinse well with water.It clears black heads and leaves silky smooth skin.


If you have dry skin apply moisturizer “Carrot seeds skin defense Moisturizer” and it is really really amazing moisturizer i have ever used.Its smell is divine.I ‘m totally in love with this little product.And if you have oily skin you may apply WITCH HAZEL TONER.You may apply this toner on specific area where more pores are open.It closes the open pores.


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