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Sweat Proof Summer Makeup Tips

Sweat Proof Summer Makeup Tips

Make up has become a necessity for woman in this modern era.Woman can’t think to spent a single day without makeup.It is requirement with a lot of choices around.Makeup friendly weather is a most debatable topic as soon as summers arrived.

Sweating in summers wipe away your all makeup and it can ruin the whole look you created with your favorite outfit. Under this topic i’ll give you maximum tips to keep your makeup fresh.

All you need to do pre make up preparation before getting ready.

Do cleansing with some good cleansing milk/lotion.After cleansing apply ice cubes on face for 5 minutes.This will close down the pores and can keep away sweating for few hours.A good toner also closes the skin pores.

Invest in a very good quality brand for Primer and foundation.

Now this is which actually carry you makeup for hours.So you should buy some very good primer.I would recommend which i found really good are primer by W7,Maybelline primer( instant pore eraser,Smash box,Primer by benefit,Primer by beautify by Amna,


Foundation and Powder

Choose your foundation very carefully according to your skin shade,neither lighter nor darker.Finding a good foundation with accurate shade is actually a pain.Some people are fairer and some are dusky.What to choose according to skin type is troublesome.If you are unable to find out the required shade of your skin which is recommended as two shade darker your skin shade you can use body shop shade adjusting drops.

Keep in mind that heavy coverage would not go with summer makeup look ,Sweating would make pores in your layer of foundation.And there is no need to apply piles of product on face it would seems like your skin is unable to breath.And any product you apply,make sure you blend as much as possible.Blending creates finishing look.

Stick foundation would be best option in summers as liquid foundation could melt down easily.Some people like to use BB cream as a foundation as it also gives very nice finishing look.

Face powder is good though to set your makeup in summer and it will prevent the sweat to come on face.But obviously no one would like a heavy cake bake look in summer.So say good buy to your compacts and choose more the mineral powder and loose powder to set off your base.

Mineral Powder


Liquid Liners & Water Proof Mascara

If you don’t want to look like raccoon,Stop using Kajal in summers.Because Kajal run down from eyes very fast.instead use Smudge proof water proof kohl pencils.Sephora,Smoky desire by DMGM,Studio precision liner by DMGM are my all time favorite.

Invest in some good water proof,Water resistant Mascara.I like REVLON,Rimmel and DMGM Mascara.

Contouring and Highlighter

The best thing is to do contouring and highlighter very less during time and if you still want to do then avoid cream based products and optimize for powder base product.Because extra gloss and shimmer on face looks very bad in hot sunny day.

My all time favorite product in which i get highlighter and contouring shades at the same time is contouring kit by Luscious cosmetics.



Lipstick is the only item that could create a whole drama look.Only lipstick can help you to look pretty,and all the makeup without lipstick wouldn’t look nice at all.So choose your lipsticks shades according to the dress color,eye makeup,stay light on lips if your eyes are heavy,Choose mate lipsticks in summer.It would stay longer there and give you a gorgeous look.

Whereas glossy lipstick and lip-glows looks very bad in summers especially during day time.Apply lip liner before using lipsticks it would keep lipstick on lips for longer hours.If you want to enhance your lips you should wear lip liner after applying lipstick.

There are crayon lip colors are also available in many brands which are helpful in making pout on lips. Mac,Becute,2000 kisses lipsticks,Huda beauty lip shades are my favorite these days.




Blush On

Use Matt finish Blush on instead using terracotta blusher.The best i have used are Mac,Diana of London and DMGM.


Setting Spray

Primer should be first step and Setting spray should be last step.In summers setting sprays are a must.Do buy some very good brands like MAC,ELF or LOREAL.It will keep your makeup protected for so long.

Stay lighter and natural in summers to create a cool look.

Happy Summers!!!

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