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Review Time: What is inside the Mystery Box by Luscious Cosmetics?

Just another day I went through an ad grabbed my attention that was “Mystery Box” by Luscious Cosmetics.Being already a fan of this brand i decided to buy a mystery box for myself to satisfy my inner makeup freak woman.

I ordered a Mystery Box for Rs 2,500 claiming 10 Full sized products in it and with free delivery option.The other option was a box for 1,500 claiming 5 full sized products.And to my surprise i got my parcel next day (what an efficient service Wao!)

Here is my Mystery Box,

Another Box popped out of this black beauty


10 Full Sized Products I found Inside are ————————–Rating out of 10

  1. Cat Walk waterproof liquid Eyeliner ‘Gold 04’—————8/10
  2. Pout maker Lip contour Cryon ‘Untamed’ ——————9/10
  3. Double Dazzle ‘Sweet and Sultry’—————————-10/10  I used its more glossy side over my eye lid and i love it.
  4. Smudge Proof Intense Eyeliner ‘BOLD’ ——————6/10 I was Expecting a Brow kit instead
  5. Signture lipstic ‘Cinnamon 02’   —————————–10/10 Lipstick is super owsome with creamy texture
  6. Brow Luxe Eyebrow ‘Definer Pencil’————————8/10 ( i was expecting a designer’s pencil which is superb)
  7. Ultra smooth lip liner——————————————–10/10
  8. Powder blush ‘Sparkle 022’————————————9/10
  9. Sparking Face Shimmer Egyptian Bronze—————–10/10
  10. Precious Metals Loose eye shadows ‘Violet Venus’——10/10 Highly pigmented and highly recommended .



                                                                           Final Verdict is “it was Worth Buying”

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