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Product Review ; 24K Gold Serum+ Porfade Primer of Beautify by Amna

Product Review ; 24K Gold Serum+ Porfade Primer of Beautify by Amna

Its an interesting thing to me to watch makeup tutorials of some beauty bloggers.One day while watching a video i came to know about 24k Gold serum by was quite interesting and i decided to give it a try.I browsed  

i went through the product range and found an affordable combo of Porfade primer with 24K gold serum in 50 % Off for Rs 3000 plus delivery charges.

I ordered it and surprisingly i received it on a very next day after confirmation.I liked the quick service.The parcel received was very attractive shiny as if i have ordered pixie dust.It looked like




24 K Gold Serum

As it is visible how much beautiful packing is available for 24K Gold serum.Every drop is shiny and glowing and it absorbs into skin in no time and gives an ultimate shine and nourishment to the skin.I felt it a best treat for skin before applying makeup.Skin feel like baby soft.I ordered it in winter and the skin felt super moisturized and hydrated throughout the day and makeup stay fresh for long hours.I wondered if this serum is equally amazing in summer and as summer has been started though,i’m still using it without any regret.It doesn’t bring out oil on skin.I have normal skin and don’t have any idea how this product will play a role on oily skin.

Porfade Primer

I have used so many primers of different brands already but this primer which came into combo pack is really very good.It gives a smooth textured skin and after applying this i can easily put on my foundation.It hides the pores which was my major problem because when i apply makeup after sometime,my skin started showing pores.And Porfade primer By beautify by amna solved this issue.

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