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Matte Drama Contour Kit By Luscious Cosmetics (Product Review)

Matte Drama Contour Kit By Luscious Cosmetics (Product Review)

As world is growing advance, the advancement in cosmetics industry is significant.There are so many techniques that has been introduced in makeup.One of which is contouring technique.Contouring is a most favorite yet a technical step without which makeup seems incomplete and imbalance.

It should be done in a right way according to face type.

Contouring transform facial features in such a way that can amused people by the power of makeup.


While searching for a best contour kit as a beginner, i came across the “Matte DRAMA contour kit by luscious cosmetics”.Initially i was reluctant to buy on recommendation of sales girl.After spending much time in store i left no option other then to buy this products as it seems easy to use with some instructions on how to use it.


And i found it amazing. It has blend able powerful shades.This palette contains 4 options.2  shades light and dark are for shading and defining facial features,and rest two are highlighter is for emphasizing and cream luminizer is for sexy glow.

Its packaging is beautiful.All colors are highly pigmented.It stays for long time.It is blend able.Highlighter is not glittery, and gives you a perfect finish.

An instruction manual is there as well which is very helpful.

You can buy it from the luscious cosmetics website.


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