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How to do quick Hair Spa at Home?

How to do quick Hair Spa at Home?

A very prominent part of body is hair which is significantly noticeable.we should pamper our hair once in a week at-least. Hair get damaged due to use of chemical treatments and Shampoos,due to dirt and UV rays when our hair get expose to environmental factors.That’s why our hair need some special kind of Spa.You can get it at salons and it can also be done in home.

Hair Spa is a deep nourishing and re-hydrating treatment for hair.It gives you shin,bouncy,healthy and strong hair.

All you need to follow these steps;

  • Oiling
  • Steaming
  • Washing
  • Conditioning
  • Mask
  • Serum


First of all you need to choose a very good hair oil.For this you can add one or more essential oils like almond oil,Coconut oil,Olive oil,Jojoba Oil,Black seed oil and rose Mary( Both Best known for hair growth).You can also use lavender oil as it is very soothing and give you calmness in head.You can use Argon oil it is best known for Nutrient-rich properties.

How to apply oil?? is a very important question.Your scalp must not be dirty because if dirt particles are blocking pores of scalp the oil will not penetrate in the scalp.Apply hair onto scalp and cover it with shower cap for like good 30 minutes minimum.

Oiling improves hair problems like dull dry rough hair,dandruff,hair fall and frizzy hair.


The second most important step is steaming.Steam absorb all the nutrients of oil into hair cuticles.And gives you maximum benefits out of it.Now there can be two easy ways of steaming.Either you use hair dryer using medium heat onto your already wrapped hair with shower cap,or you can use a hot water damped towel and wrapped around head after removing shower cap.Leave it for 30 minutes.

Steaming helps in restoring the vital oils in the hair roots and lock the moisture to prevent dryness.


Washing is another important step as correct way of washing is a reason for healthy shiny hair.A proper amount of shampoo ,massaging into scalp.Use gentle pressure to massage the scalp and roots of your hair.Choose a shampoo that suits your hair type.Keep in mind that less is more, don’t wash your hair often.


Condition your hair after every wash.Always buy good brands for shampoo and conditioner.Don’t compromise on quality when it comes matter of your skin and hair.Use Conditioner on hair length and keep for 5 minutes at least and then rinse it throughly.Don’t apply conditioner onto scalp.



Apply Mask minimum once in a week at least.A lot of good brands available in market.Or you can make some natural masks at home.I’ll write in detail about natural hair masks in my next post.

Mask gives extra important nutrients to hair.After applying mask you can see a visible difference into your hair.

Apply mask with hands onto hair strands thoroughly and cover with shower cap for good 20 minutes ,and wash it off.


After washing de-tangle your hair with wide wooden tooth comb.It prevents hair from breakage and you can easily unlock the tangled strands.but before doing this apply some good serum.Experts says don’t towel dry your hair before using hair serum.Serums are specifically made for hair shaft that is why they don’t play any role in doing good or bad to your hair.It is there to make a smooth bonds of hair strands.Serum is harmless unless you dabbed your scalp with it.As these are chemical based products so i would recommend you to use it alternative days.

Apply a very small amount of any good serum on hair.Take few drops as per your hair length .Rub between your both palms and apply evenly on hair.

I personally like serum by L’Oreal liss limited.It is highly recommended product.


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