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Foot Care Tips for Hot Summers

Foot Care Tips for Hot Summers

Feet are the prominent part of body that fully represent one’s personality.People generally groom their self from head to ankle and forget feet part.Some even don’t pay attention to their footwear. Footwear should be nice and comfortable.

Everyone cannot afford to takeout time every 15 days and go to salons and pay large amounts on pedicures.

Here we will discuss some general tip to make feet beautiful and flawless. Especially in summers when you are suppose to show your feet to everyone by wearing open shoes.You can simply get the feet beauty by following some of very simple techniques.



Tip# 1

Make sure you wash your feet daily with soap and keep applying moisturizing lotions daily.I personally like Body shop hand and feet cream and palmer’s range.It depends what suits on your skin.To keep moisturize and soften apply petroleum jelly every night before going to sleep.This is the cheapest and very effective moisturizing care you can give to your heals.You can use barefoot by Free Man daily to clean your feet.I personally like the scrubs to clean and scrub feet daily.

Tip# 2

In summers drink lemonade and never throw away its lemon peels.Keep rubbing them on your feet until empty shells of lemons dried out.This habit if you keep doing frequently will enlighten your skin and you will get natural glowing skin on feet.

Tip# 3 

Make your own feet scrub to remove dead skin cells.Dead skin cells make feet look ugly.Make a paste by mixing olive oil with sugar or brown sugar,anything available.Rub over your feet for 10 minutes and wash it out.Do it at least once in a week.

Tip# 4

A tried and tested tip by many for beautiful shiny feet.Take some fresh lemon juice and mixed with glycerin 1 part,rose water 3 part and lemon 2 part. Keep this liquid in a bottle and keep using it many time in a day.You will get see the visible result in few days.


Pedicure at Home

Some easy steps you can follow every 2 weeks at home,if you don’t have time to go to salons or if you don’t want to spend money on pedicures.

Step 1

Dip your feet in Luke warm water for about 10 minutes.Take it off and dry out with towel.


Step 2

Use a pumice stone to rub your heals and sole of foot.It will remove dead skin.You can use foot filer to rub of dead skin.

Step 3

Invest once on a tool kit for pedicure.It would cost minimum around $5 and more if you want in some very good quality.

Apply cuticles remover liquid which is easily available.Apply on nails cuticles and then cut the cuticles with a cutter carefully.You can use cuticles trimmer.Use earpick to clean dirt from inside the nail.If you have spare tooth brush.use it to clean nail inside.And if you invest in pedicure kit,everything like cutter,filer,clipper,brush will be included in it.Clip your nails and shape with nails filer square or round.

Step 4 

When you are done with nails cleaning,cutting and reshaping.Apply any good moisturizer,cocoa butter or olive oil on whole feet.

Now you are done and ready to wear the beautiful summer sandals.


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